My Creative Journey

Hello and welcome. My name is Pat. I have a wonderful husband and family who let me indulge in my paper craft obsession. When I am not crunching numbers as a nurse risk analyst you most likely can find me at night and on weekends in my craft room making handmade cards, tags bags and boxes for goodies and gifts.

It all started about 5 years ago after I created 50-60 different paper treat baskets with ribbon handles for my daughter’s wedding shower favor. These were made to hold a small cake ball truffle. (Sorry for the grainy photo. It is old and was taken long before I realized I was hooked). I had found some designer paper at a local HomeGoods store. I had two 12×12 pads that cost all of $12.00 with a few left over sheets and a few pieces of ribbon that I just couldn’t let go to waste. It has just snowballed from then on.

I started mostly making specialty boxes and bags for treats and lots of them. When it was time for the baby shower I made about 65 curvy box baby boy heads.


Now that was a project. I did have a bit of help at the end after most of the die cutting, stamping, embossing and embellishments were made. A few of her friend and the other grandmother were kind enough to help put them altogether.

“Baby Boy Curvy Box”

I now focus on making cards and tags. I will do an occasional bag or box and I have been asked to design a special unique themed card or goodie bag and will most likely feature some in a later post. I have always enjoyed creating things. Before I got into the wonderful world of paper crafting I enjoyed baking, cake decorating, and making ice cream cakes. I occasionally still do some of this as well as some sewing and jewelry beading. At times incorporating and overlapping the different mediums all in one.

I have found that for me the process of creating and designing is so relaxing and rewarding. It truly does help me unwind after a long work day and week. I have created this space for sharing my creations and hope to inspire other to create something they enjoy. I hope you stop by often and take a peek at what I have been up to lately.

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